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Any public records requests are to be made through the Department of Public Safety http://www.dps.ri.gov/usefulformsdocs/

Fire Safety code Board of Appeal & Review Formal Interpretation and Blanket Variance 13-01 - for one and two family home smoke and CO inspections. For a brochure for Fire alarm for Apartments/ Townhouses/Condo click page 1 and page 2.

Flashing light applications - App. for Registry - App. for Local Chief - ANY questions contact the RIAFC

Firework Fact Guide 5/11/11

Fireworks Rules and Regulations 6/3/13

Fireworks Information revised 6/29/11

RIGL 23-28.2.27

Inspection Fee Policy Pursuant to RIGL 23-28.2.27

State Fire Marshal's Office General Information 12/1/04

Press Release June 28, 2005 - Notice to all Apartment House, Town House and Condominium Owners

Arson Watch Reward Program

Uniform Test Report

License Testing Schedule

Notice of Blasting Permit Fee Increase eff. July 1, 2007

Free Training on "A Fire and Fall Prevention Program for Older Adults"

Crowd Managers Mandate

Crowd Managers - For information on the license extention of present license holders click here

Crowd Managers Classes

Crowd Managers Class Material please print all documents. -- Application for class -- Requirements -- Checklist for People with Disabilities -- New Places of Assembly Self Inspection Check list -- Safety Plan and Emergency Procedures -- Presentation.

Juvenile Firesetter Enrollment Form

Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Detector Information 1/27/10

Renter Information

Smoke Detectors

Candle Usage Safety 8-30-11

Generator Usage Safety 8-30-11

News from CDPS and Hud on Drywall

BBQ Fire Safety

Boating Fire Safety

Cooking Fire Safety

Home Safety Checklist

Exit drills for the home

Fire safety facts for people 50-plus

Fire safety facts for people 50-plus spanish

Poster fire safety facts for people 50-plus

Poster fire safety facts for people 50-plus spanish

Alcohol-College and fire safety

Sparky the fire dog - have him visit your event!

Scald injury prevention tips